Manufacture a wide range of custom umbrellas, including the conventional straight umbrella, the collapsible folding umbrella, and stationary parasol umbrella.

Custom Umbrellas

Product Design

I. Style

Custom umbrella sourcing starts with design. Select from our collection of base umbrella designs. Popular styles include the classic straight umbrella, automatic umbrella, collapsible folding umbrella, bubble umbrella. We also offer stationary parasol umbrella for outdoor areas such as restaurants, patios, markets and beach.

II. Components

Our manufacturing partners develop and warehouse various stock components for streamlined development. Clients may select from this collection of umbrella frames, handles, tips, tails, straps and cups when designing their custom umbrellas.

III. Branding

Clients may add branding to their custom umbrellas in a variety of ways. Conventional options include printed artwork on the canopy. More advanced capabilities include custom branded components, such as stamped handles and customized straps.

IV. Tech Pack

Combine all design information and manufacturing instructions in a clear, well-organized document. Client’s may submit their own tech pack, or request PDI to assist with tech pack preparation.

Production Considerations

I. Minimums

ItemMinimum Order Quantity
Simple Design600 pieces
Fully Customized1200 pieces


II. Lead Times

ProcessLead Time
New Sample2 to 4 weeks
Main Production 6 to 12 weeks

III. Cost

QuantitySignificant impact on materials cost.
Components Ranges according to quality and quantity. 
Labor Varies by skill level and location of production.
DeadlineTight schedule may increase cost of production.

IV. Location of Production

Due to evolving global trade daynamics, supply chains are being redrawn at a rapid pace. Contact us to inquire about optimal sourcing locations.


Achieve professional branding with quality umbrella packaging options.

Past Work


“Super easy to work with and outstanding commitment to quality”

MAXXIS (Corporate)

“PDI is the most professional company we have ever worked with.”

Yardbird (Food & Bev)

“Excellent product quality and outstanding customer service”

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Get Started

I. Our Process

We begin by establishing project objectives and conclude with delivery and inspection of the final product. Each step is outlined on the Sourcing Process page.

II. Services and Fees

Our sourcing services are comprised of design preparation, factory selection, production management and delivery logistics. We collect a fee according to the size and scope of the project. For more information, please refer to the Services and Fees page.

III. Contact

To start, complete the form below or contact us through our Facebook page.