Design preparation: create product mockups, conduct feasibility analysis, and prepare tech packs

Factory selection: identify, recommend and negotiate with suitable manufacturing partners

Production management: manage sample development, bulk production, and quality assurance

Logistics: facilitate freight forwarding, customs clearance and local delivery


Project SizeFee
Small: Below US$10,000; max 5 items20%
Medium: US$10,000 to US$99,999; max 20 items15%
Large: US$100,000+; max 50 items10%


How is project size calculated?

Project size is calculated as total cost of goods to be manufactured; shipping, import taxes and other expenses are counted separately.

Is there a minimum project size?

PDI does not require a minimum project size. However the base sourcing fee is US$300 per project.

How much do samples cost?

Sample development cost varies by product type and manufacturer. Sample development cost is included within project budget.

To assess quality of PDI products generally, browse our online sample shop.

How are vendor payments handled?

PDI provides client with original vendor invoices and corresponding payment information. Client then pays the vendors directly. At client’s request, PDI can handle vender payments for an additional 2% payment processing fee.

Can you assist with creative services?

PDI offers graphic design, product design, product photography and general branding services. The fee for these creative services is negotiated on an individual project basis.

What if required items exceeds the maximum for project size?

More items may be added to a project, but the sourcing fee will be revised to accommodate the added complexity.