Baseball Cap Trends in 2019

By: Miriam Tai / 17 January 2019


What makes hat customization fun? – The challenge of finding the perfect shape, the right fabrics, the accoutrements that finish the look, and the joy of seeing the outcome – all this can be stressful, however if done correctly the results are worth the smile =)

By following the latest hat designs, we can cater to your hat needs and wants. Ahead, you can see what trends you can count on to bring out your creative side and making customizing fun!


Which hat shapes and styles are trending?


Elements of the 90s continues throughout 2019, the old school Dad Hat continues to run supreme. Tech and performance fabrics can be implemented into this vintage style for a modern take. Alternatively, bright colors with sequins and glitter can give a hint of the 80s.

Flat bills such as camp caps and foam truckers remain popular especially for clients targeting younger demographics within the streetwear and extreme sports segments. Unexpectedly, unstructured 5 panel snapbacks are making a comeback.


2018 was the rage of Dad hats embellished with whimsical small icons everywhere. Materials using iridescent, translucent, or neon properties are a no no.


What kind of fabrics and colors are popular for caps?


As humans we are responsible for both polluting and saving the Earth. Sustainable fabrics are being discovered every day, because of this they are now appearing in our hats and clothes. Expect to see fabrics with interesting textures and patterns that  mimic the environment as well.

Inspired by Mother Nature, earth tones seen in water, stone, and foliage are coming into trend; accented with bright colors influenced by the 80s. Distressed rips, frayed edges, washed out faded looks will be seen everywhere.


Desert inspired colors and patterns: such as khaki, muted orange, olive, desert/jungle camo.


How to design for active lifestyle / fitness?


Tech and performance fabrics represent a long term trend that remains strong heading into 2019. Sweat absorbing, moisture wicking, antimicrobial, anti-odor, anti-UV are just a few features active consumers are increasingly demanding. Perforated fabric for extra air flow and reflective print for safe training at night remain popular as well.

Bright colors with bold, geometric, stripe, and distressed patterns will be popular. With oversized logos and texts to accompany these loud colors. Expect to see tone on tone designs too!


Neutral colors such as black, white, and grey accented with neon colors. Ombre patterns with motivational taglines are seen commonly paired with simple graphics.


What is trending in the outdoor market?


Low profile 6 panel continues to be strong this year, however 5 panel trucker hats and foam trucker hats are becoming a major influence as well. These hats will be paired with nature imagery patterns and earthy colors such as green, grey, and brown with an accent of coral (2019 Pantone color of the year). Influenced by hunting season, Mossy Oak camouflage will come into play.

Lightweight and packable styles, like foldable visors will continue to be popular attributes for those who like adventures.


Digital camo and generic camo combined with muted colors found in nature with outdoor taglines and single line illustration logos.



Which types of embellishments & logos should I choose?


Nature elements like scenery, animals, nature patterns, flowers combined with distressed looks and fabrics. Oversized logos and enlarged texts.

Branded leather, reflective accents, silicone patches, zippers  teamed up with unique back closures.


Small decoration elements of metal accents or prints on visors.



Keep an eye out on hat styles for every face shape followed by T-shirt trends in the coming weeks. Let us know what you think about the baseball cap trends in the comments below. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!



Design Guru of Premium Direct Imports, in charge of executing all clientele designs. Prior to PDI, Miriam was an interior designer at L&L. She has a degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of California - San Diego. On the weekends, she likes to hang out with her dachshund and eat pizza.