Our mission is what drives us to seek out the world’s best manufacturers. We scour the planet in search of producers with unique competitive advantages, then connect them with buyers whose requirements match their capabilities. The result is a more efficient and rewarding sourcing experience.

Based in Hong Kong and Taipei, PDI serves clients across Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. Our success is the product of our commitment to the values of flexibility, transparency and professionalism.



Strict price targets, quick turnaround times and high quality standards are all manageable. List your priorities and we will match you with the factory most suitable to your individual requirements.



A great man once said “the very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society.” We agree. That’s why we share with clients our factory identity, FOB pricing and all related costs. You know exactly what we make because our sourcing fee is negotiated on a project basis.



Yes, you could cut us out and go factory direct. But we are confident our project management service will save you so much time and cash, not to mention the headache of dealing with factories and logistics, that you won’t want to.



What makes you different from other sourcing agencies?

As Americans based in Asia, we offer the best of both worlds.

Our founders instill very high standards for both quality and performance. We fiercely scrutinize manufacturing processes and product quality, while also demanding precise and reliable execution. “On time and under budget” isn’t a goal. It’s a guarantee.

Established in Hong Kong with a branch office in Taipei, PDI operates with minimal overhead to provide outstanding professional service at below market rates, compared with equivalent agencies based in the West.

How do you select and vet manufacturing partners?

We are constantly pursuing new manufacturing partnerships that meet our high standards, broaden our scope of capabilities, and bolster our reliability.

Our vetting process begins with a base level review of the manufacturing company’s financial health, corporate structure, business locations, production capacity, communication practices and compliance.

Aided by market research, we then assess strategic value by analyzing price competitiveness, technological innovation, cultural relevance and global trade dynamics.

When we find a producer that holds high value potential for our clients, we then conduct an in-depth review of the product and the production facility. This review includes factory visits to conduct inspections, affirm business agreements and build trust.

Where can I view a sample sourcing agreement?

Click here to view an example of our standard sourcing agreement.

What locations do you source from?

Rising labor costs, evolving supply routes and updates to trade agreements all have major implications when determining optimal location of production. That’s why in addition to diversifying our production capabilities, we also commit to broadening the geographic diversity of our supplier network within each product category.

Currently, the majority of our supplier network operates in East Asia, Southeast Asia and Mainland China. We are expanding in the near future to include manufacturing partners in North America and Central Asia.

What countries do you serve?

We primarily work with clients in Asia, North America, Europe and Australia.

What is your sample policy?

Development costs for custom samples varies by product type and manufacturer. Client is responsible for factory sample costs.

Prospective clients who wish to test the quality of PDI products can browse our sample shop.

Where are you incorporated?

Premium Direct Imports, Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2013.

Premium Direct Imports, Taiwan Branch Office was established in Taipei City in 2014.